Top 6 Tips For Playing NBA 2K18: The Last One Will Shock You

NBA 2K18 is an incredible role playing game that allows gamers to build their own prospective NBA superstar from the ground up. The game has a personal focus on cards and a progression that makes for an engaging experience. It also finds ways to guide them to stardom as well as the elusive 99 rating. However, no one said that getting to the top was easy. In fact, with evolving 2K sports, playing NBA 2K18 could be a grind. But fear not! Our guide will enable you to break down any opponent that comes your way and make you the NBA superstar that you have always wanted to be!

Let us get started!

  • Focus on building a good team

While collecting a ton of different cards may be tempting, building a core team will make you a stronger player. Once this is done, level up your cards and watch your players improve significantly.

  • Take your time in finding the best superstars for your team

All NBA 2K18 players that you will come across when playing the game are different from each other. For instance, Steph Curry will not put up the same defence as Kyrie Irving. Therefore, it is important to understand each player’s strength and real-life tendencies. This will give you an upper hand against all of your opponents.

  • Do not forget to substitute players

When playing NBA 2K18 under the simulation pace using the full game minutes, you will want to keep your players fresh and active. This can be done by benching some players before the second half. Time-outs are also allowed.

  • Practice good speed skills

Do not continuously use the sprint button. This will make your players tired and your gameplay predictable. To keep things interesting, only use your sprint in moments when your defender least expects it. Instead, learn how to mix up your pace when dribbling.

  • Do all you can to earn extra money

By playing as many Quick Games as possible, you will easily earn currency and customize your players. Completing mission tasks is also a way of earning extra money. This virtual currency is useful in buying extra card packs or unlocking clothes, shoes and other items that are found in MyCareer.

  • Log in everyday

Logging into the game every day will earn you a free card pack. When you log in four days in a row, you will get a rare pack of cards. Log in twenty days in a row and an elite pack of card is all yours! Sounds easy, right?

Many NBA 2K18 players cherish the opportunity to make the most of their experience. Although you may kick things off by forcing your shots or making bad passes, these tips will teach you how to identify your strength and stick to them. You never know; you may end up in the starting 5 very quickly!

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