Pokemon Masters – The Hottest New Pokemon Mobile Game in 2019

A new game with some familiar faces is coming soon for Pokemon fans. Pokemon Masters┬ámobile, by DeNA and the Pokemon Group, is designed for mobile phones. DeNA is the same company that collaborated with Nintendo to create mobile versions of Animal Crossing, Mario Kart and Super Mario. Pokemon Masters provides some nostalgic play with famous Trainers from other video games all coming together in a completely new game. It’s currently available in Canada, but an exact release date for the U.S. hasn’t yet been set. However, players in the U.S. can currently preregister for both ioS and Android phones.

3v3 Battles!

The game takes place on the fictional island of Pasio. A young Trainer arrives on the island to compete in the Pokemon Masters League (PML). Players will form a partnership with their Pokemon (Pikachu), and form a synced pair. The synced pair will travel around the island, encountering Trainers and their Pokemon, making friends and forming a team. The Trainers encountered on the island will be recognized by seasoned players as famous Trainers from other games. Once the team has three Trainers, the player can begin waging battles with other teams of three. The ultimate goal is to win the five badges and become the tournament champion.

What’s New?

The biggest difference of Pokemon Masters is to team up with Trainers, rather than collecting Pokemon. The strategies for Pokemon Masters will be different from other games, where players are accustomed to having a team of Pokemon. The battles will entail the three Trainers sending their one Pokemon into battle at once. Each trainer only battles with just one Pokemon. Unlike other Pokemon games, with teams of Pokemon, players are controlling the three Trainers on their team during battles. Players can use Trainer moves during the battle and their own healing items. These moves will affect their Pokemon and can cause their stats to improve. New battle strategies will have to be devised to win the battles.

Play With Friends!

Pokemon Masters hack will contain a co-op mode, where players can play with real people online. Players can form a team with friends, or strangers, to compete in their battles. During co-op play, players can cooperate by healing friend’s Pokemon and unlocking unity attacks, which use all their Pokemon at once.

Pokemon Masters Mobile looks to be an exciting new Pokemon game, combining both new elements with familiar characters that can be casually played alone or with friends on smartphones.