NBA 2K19 – What’s New?

Brief Introduction

Set to launch on 11th September 2018, NBA 2K19 is a video game designed to imitate the real world basketball for sports gamers. It will feature G. Antetokounmpo, a Greek basketball star to appear on the top cover of the standard edition and James Raymone LeBron, an American star, to feature on the cover art of the special version of the game.
The video game will be launched for Windows Computers, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.
This guide provides you with all the information you need to know about every edition of NBA 2K19 video game. In addition, it presents the most common features, what to expect in the game (bonuses, promotions, etc.), and where to pre-order your version to keep it safe for the release date.

The Real Cover Star of the Game

James LeBron R., an American international player, is the real cover-star for the special edition of the game. Since this was revealed, the international star made a great number of followers in Los Angeles. More to this, we need to wait for any changes and see if the game publishers will change the cover star.
The standard version of the game featured a Greek international player, Giannis Antetokounmpo, as the cover star. This was formally disclosed by 2K Sports on the 2nd of July this year. So far, there are no optimistic changes required for Antetokounmpo, unless otherwise stated.

The Official Game Release Date

The game was made public earlier this year by a certain listing on the internet even before 2K Sports published it. James LeBron Raymone, an international star, and American basketball player was seen in the leak as the cover star for the special version of this game. Along with this, it stated that the game will be released on September eleventh, next month.
On that same day, 2K Sports released the game at once, and James R. LeBron was disclosed as the cover star for the special version. 4 days before the release (7th September), the special edition, going for 99.99 US Dollars, can easily be easily accessed. This will include the additional promotions and bonuses featured in the game.
The publisher also revealed that starting on 31st August 2018, the Game’s Prelude will be ready for PS4 and Xbox One.

The Special Game Edition

This version was fully disclosed by 2K. At this moment, it only costs 99.99 US Dollars. In addition, it comprises the following:
• A hundred thousand currency points (virtual)
• Fifty thousand MyTeam points
• Twenty MyTeam League Packs and 10 MyTeam Heat Check packs, both provided once every week
• 5 LeBron James themes for MyCourt
• James LeBron MyTeam card and MyCourt design

The Gameplay / Game Trailer

Currently, no trailer or game-play is found for the this game. As yet, nothing is released by the actual publishers and the trending videos on YouTube affirmed to be the gameplay are not true. Please understand that 2K Sports has not formally given out any trailer for NBA 2K19.

Game Player Ratings

Ratings about some players were released last month (July 2018) by the game publisher, 2K. The following is an overall rating. You should also note that this is not the best ten players in the NBA 2K19.
• LeBron Raymone James Sr (98)
• Kawhi Anthony Leonard (94)
• Karl-Anthony Towns Jr (91)
• DeMarcus Amir Cousins (90)
• DeMar Darnell DeRozan (89)
• Jayson Christopher Tatum (87)
• Donovan Corey Mitchell Jr. (87)
• Benjamin David Simmons (87)
Come next month, 2K Sports will have presented an additional rating list for some other players. You need to be in touch!

The Pre-Order of NBA 2K19 Game

The game is going to give the major platforms so that players can be able to play on Switch, Windows PC, Play Station 4 and Xbox One. The following are the main platforms and the links.
• Twentieth Anniversary Edition – PS4
• Twentieth Anniversary Edition – Xbox One
• Twentieth Anniversary Edition – Switch


This game imitates the actual experience of the NBA, a North-American premier basketball league for men. It is a replacement of NBA 2K18 and the 2K’s twentieth installation.
The video game includes both single mode player and the multi-player mode.
Until this time, nothing much is known about the NBA 2K19 locker codes video game but hopefully, the game publishers will release more updates before the actual release on September 11th, next month.