NBA 2K17 Mobile Review – Gets Everything Right


When it comes to the basketball game, there is nothing like the NBA series. Already enjoying success on PCs and gaming consoles, the NBA 2K17 has finally arrived for the iOS and the Android. With the mobile release of the game, the publisher 2K is surely aiming to extend its’ sports gaming’ supremacy to the mobile devices. NBA 2K16 for the smartphones was by no means a good game and it lacked several things which could enhance the experience of the gamers. The story for NBA 2K17 has been different so far as its reception is positive and fans are loving it. Although playing NBA 2K17 on a console or a PC is a pure joy and feels much better than playing it on the mobile devices there have been some impressive changes this year which will undoubtedly increase the bar for upcoming editions.

What’s New?

The NBA 2k17 comes with better Graphics, realistic textures and players look better than the previous editions. There are changes in gameplay controls as it comes with an option of a Third Party controller. MyCareer has now options of player equipment, off day simulations and a new badge. Another quite significant change is the way player dribbles and handles the ball, it has become much better than previous editions, and it makes playing this game more realistic.

Controls and Gaming Experience

Infused with a new set of advanced animations, which are touch sensitive, have made the gameplay more realistic. The players react just like they would in real life. The pace and transition are also much better and the pace which is an essential element of an NBA Live mobile game is indeed reflected by the smooth on-screen actions. As mentioned above the dribbling has become better, but there is still some time left before it can match the PC version. The virtual control panel has become more sophisticated, and this makes defending much easier but it decreases your control over your team. The controls are straightforward and not very difficult to operate, and the jump-shot has been timed much better for taking better 2-pointer shots.


There are four modes in NBA 2k17 namely Quick Game, Blacktop, MyCareer and Season Mode. The publisher 2K has put its principal focus on MyCareer mode which enables the new players to create their custom player and can upgrade him with time. With Blacktop mode you can challenge any other human opponent by your custom MyCareer player on different outdoor courts. Also, if you are not interested in playing quick games, you can have a go at the NBA trophy by playing in the Season mode.

The Plus point

>Better visuals and new advanced animations.
>Offers realistic gaming experience.
>Four primary modes which provide a player with more gaming opportunities along with flexibility.
>Improved handling and better gameplay.

The Minus point

>Still not as good as it is on Consoles and PCs
>A bit costly at $8
>There are some occurrences where players get stuck for few seconds.

For a mobile game, the NBA 2k17 is surely on the expensive side with the price tag of $8, but there are no in-app purchases. The game is enjoyable and with improved functionality and revamped controls it is surely better than the previous editions of the popular gaming series. As the sporting games are all about gaming experience like how it plays, how it feels, the NBA 2k17 does not dissappoint and provides ultimate gaming joy.