FIFA Mobile 20 – What’s New in this Season?

FIFA Mobile 20: the new updated season is going to be available soon along with the FIFA 20. EA is planning to make it fresh on Google play and App Store. Therefore, get ready for the new season of FIF Mobile coming soon.

The actions gets started before the early seasons, and you cannot afford to wait know further details. It’s apt to know the new features in this context.

What are the new features in FIFA Mobile 20?

Here are a few new features in FIFA 20:

You vs your friends

For the first time, you’ll get a chance to play head-to-head with friends in an exciting action FIFA Mobile. So get ready with your Ultimate Team. Now you can train any player to make them a superstar and then join a League or play though close to 650 events.

The gameplay: challenge in real-time

This is a never before scenario. In FIFA Mobile 20, you challenge your friends in 11v11 gameplay. So, make a list of your game friends and keep on tracking your head-to-head record for bragging rights. The pitch is going to be personal.

Profitable competition

The new round of competition involving head-to-head Vs attack or full 11v11 matches is based on the weekly and monthly score. This will help earn good rewards. To win more rearwards, you need to win, go up in the divisions. You’ll reach the top in the leaderboards.

Build your core team

Choose a player to form the La Liga, the Premier League, Ligue 1, MLS, Bundesliga, and Serie A to build your core team.

Train the any one of the players to become the best – a superstar of FIFA 20.

Make a squad of football players from identical countries, teams or league, to bring out proper consistency. Take your Starting 11 atop the leaderhoards.

Challenge the toughest opponents

The UEFA Champions League and Europa UEFA League are the toughest players in FIFA 20. Challenge them by taking part in Live Events consistent with real world tournaments when it goes on along the season. This will help earn UEL Player and special UCL.

The Legacy Team

This feature will help gain better rewards when you earn a higher OVR for your legacy team.

The legacy team will enable the player to promote the present sessions starting and make it carry over to the for the following session for using them in certain events.

Remember to make your active lineup to have all the 11 players you wish to be carried over into the Legacy team. Or, the carryover will not happen in the new session.

Did you know the cost of FIFA Mobile 20?

You can get the FIFA Mobile 20 hack game without paying single penny – it’s free as opposed to FIFA 20 game priced at £54.99 if you wish to play the game on Xbox 1 or PlayStation 4.

So, get ready for the ultimate excitement.