FIFA 19 – Upcoming Game Overview


So September is around the corner again. For FIFA fans, this is an exciting time of the year. This is more so this year after a very eventful soccer season. We expect the new changes reflected in this years FIFA 19 game scheduled to be released this September.


Much like last years FIFA 18, FIFA 19 has managed to reek a great deal of anticipation for most gamers. The hype generally revolves around the new expected features. Fifa 19 will definitely bring a lot to the table if previous releases are anything to go by.
So how do we know this?

A recent 10-minute video leak featuring the new game promises a lot of new improvements compared to its predecessor. Though most cannot be confirmed until the game is officially released, EA seems to have put in a lot of work into making the game more realistic than ever before.

Here are just some of the advancements expected this September on FIFA 19


Gameplay is the backbone of every game. You want to feel in control and see the game in the most realistic way possible. Fifa 19 puts all these aspects into consideration by allowing a greater variety yet simpler player control options. Automation and team mentality has never been simpler with greater advancements in team tactics and controls.

Yes, these may seem like simple tweaks to the already working predecessor but you can rest assured they make by far much more difference in gameplay than you would expect. Better management of players in both ultras attacking and ultra defending will prove a useful tool in the overall gaming experience.

New features

As far as new features go, here is what to expect with the new release.

Better physics and physicality

So previous versions of FIFA have not really given the feel of reality in physics that real games have. The new release will give better attention to detain in instances such as landing on the feet or knees as well as repossessing balls from strong forwards or defenders.

This ultimately means that players will now have to pay better attention and exercise a little bit of more patience if they are to avoid injury

during tackles.

Further subtle movements such as chest movement and facial rendering have been improved for better aesthetics as well.

Choose how many players for setpiece

Yes, you can now finally choose which and how many players go up for a corner. This will be done simply from the tactics menu allowing a maximum of five players.

The tactics menu is further expected to hold greater detail to cover the new advancements in FIFA 19’s tactics.

Facial likeness

As mentioned earlier, FIFA 19 will pay better attention to aesthetics. This is in an effort to improve the overall realistic experience.
As such, facial likeness has been focused further to five better visuals in aesthetics of the is however expected that some players may not receive the new updates In visuals owing to a lack of scans.

Career mode

The career mode is a point of focus for most players. Fifa 19 promises to give better ‘Career Mode’ and ‘The Journey’ especially after EA’s acquisition of the champions league license. You can now be sure that there will be something for everyone in the new Fifa 19.

Release date

Yes, much anticipation has been built in the wait for FIFA 19. EA has confirmed the official global release date to be September 28 this year. You can, however, get the game three days earlier if you opt for the pre-ordering option. Of course, the experience in gameplay will vary depending on the edition you purchase. Of the available options, buyers can purchase standard, champions or ultimate editions.


The above a some of the new features we expect in the new FIFA 19 hack. Of course, nothing can be confirmed for sure as of yet but a lot will be revealed once the demo is released. This is scheduled to happen about two weeks before the official release date for Fifa 19. The inclusion of champions and Europa leagues as well as the Chinese super league are bound to make things a little bit more exciting. Watch star players like Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, and Lukaku on the new release only two months away.