Cheats, Tips, and Strategies to Play Disney Magic Kingdoms

The Disney Magic Kingdoms is a mobile game introduced by Gameloft that allows you to organize your Disney World as per your choice which you may not be able to do in the Disney World of Walt Disney. Though it may take time to understand this game but the cheats, tips, and strategies discussed in this write-up can help you in building better and more contented Disney World Kingdoms.

Magic and Gems

Unlike other mobile games, Disney Magic Kingdoms is operated through Magic, the currency of this game, which will be used to build most decorations, attractions, and concession stand in it. A certain amount of Magic can be generated with time from the buildings you place in your game as well as collecting through the random actions performed by the characters, completing quests, buying or watching in-game videos with gems and visiting the kingdoms of other players. Gems are the hard currency of this game which can be used to speed up the task and buy premium buildings. They can be earned gradually by watching and leveling up videos or using real money to buy them.

One Task at a Time

In this game, you will be using the characters you have unlocked to complete the task of completing quests found by tapping the icon on the left-bottom corner of the screen. You can also open a list of actions you can assign to the characters either by tapping on the character sitting idle or on the icon on the left-upper corner of the screen. You can assign random tasks to the characters, even if they are not required for this quest, as it will allow you to earn Magic, experience points as well as the items you can use to level up or unlock more characters. However, every character can do only one activity at a time.

Make Wishes Come True

An amusement park simulator, a part of Disney Magic Kingdoms, revolves to grant wishes to increase its level of Happiness. But to get Happiness you will have to scroll down to find a guest with a bubble of thought. You can tap on the bubble if it includes a roller coaster icon to send the guest to an attraction. You will have to tap on the popping out smiley icon from the attraction to collect the Happiness of your guest. However, if the character you need is busy then you cannot assign him a task unless it completes its previous task. The Happiness thus collected will help you to earn more Magic by starting parades to produce rewards and actions for you.

Feeding and Care of Characters

In order to complete your park, you will need more Pixar and Disney character around you to allow you to perform more actions to earn more Magic. So to get more characters you can tap on the characters’ icon on the right-bottom corner to get a menu of the characters of this game. You can be free to go away from the game by deploying more characters to do lengthy tasks.

Disperse the Darkness

One of the main drawbacks of this game is that in the early stages you have limited space to work in. So you will have to roll back the darkness to unlock more area for your park by tapping the areas under darkness.

Thus by using the cheats, tips, and strategies discussed in this write-up you can build better contented Disney World Kingdoms hack for you.