Call of Duty Mobile – Is it Worth?

The world of mobile gaming has greatly changed. There is a fan in engaging the PUBG’s game’ version. Despite the ownership of the two titles by the Tencent group’ great competition is expected. The activision has improved their franchise by providing the Call of Duty beta’ version. The latter makes use of the maps, iconic, weapons and game modes’ from the most popular’ Modern Warfare and the Black Ops.

In this content, therefore, we shall solely focus on royale game mode’ battle. It boasts of own sensitivity options, loadout and adds great uniqueness’ on the Call of Duty to the entire gameplay.

The Format of the CoD’ Battle Royale

To start’ you are allowed to choose, between engaging a teammate, single player or squad of 4′. At this level, you will be provided with a single map. You can either go for the first’-person shooter or third’-person. The gameplay comes out well customized in order to assure you the perfect experience you may want.

From the CoD’ Battle Royale’, you are allowed to pick a class’ of every game parachute’ on the map. Go through neat items, then seek and get rid of your enemies. Whenever one of your mates is brought down, you can always have them revived in a way that would ring near the Apex.

The Associated Classes of Call of Duty Mobile

There exist very few CoD’ mobile classes. They include the following.


This one has the capacity to call the EMP’ drone that avails some interference, especially to the hostile’ gadgets. Their inactiveness’ enables them to easily notice hostile traps, enemies’ in vehicles and equipment.


These are capable of putting down a shield that can be folded in order to shield against the anticipated damage. This is highly effective for situations where you are exposed or you have no place to hide. Their passiveness enables them to be resilient on damages except those sustained from bullets.


They are able to hit sensor’ dirt which reveals temporarily the dangerous hotspots from the map. On the other hand, the passive allows them to see through the enemy footprints that could have passed before them. Efficient utilization of all the players and their respective team’ guides you on safest route to access the ring.

Securing The Field

With the royale battle, there exist general’ rules that should always guide you whenever you want to remain victorious consistently. Anytime you engage a team, you should always try to remain with them. You realize if you are close to someone, you are likely to defeat an enemy because you will both hit at them. Being in a team, always try to shoot at the blue or red beams, since they are associated with several goodies. These come in the form of armour, weapons, equipment, grenades, health kits and bullets. The associated disadvantage is that you are required to get rid of all the zombies around to be able to access them.

Try locating yourself at high ground. This position will always assure you a great perspective on whatever happening around you. Making sure you don’t lose focus on what is in front, quickly try to go through the map. In case there are movements of vehicles, shootings or enemies around, they will appear, hence assuring you a head up.


Therefore, with this in mind, you should be ready to take up the battle’ royale’ mode on CoD Mobile hack. Follow the above tips to the latter and engage a class that will assure you great utility, and you will rule the leaderboards.