Brawl Stars: Tips for Every Brawler

An online mobile game that sends some players into 3vs3 or 1vs9 real-time and short-burst multiplayer matches. This team-based game from the studio behind clash of clans pushes the arena battle game to new heights. This is one of the most played online multiplayer games which have been played since OMH servers went down. In the game Brawl Stars, you will have one of the characters to chose and play very entertaining matches with your favourite characters. You are playing against real people which makes it much more fun real and challenging. Also if you log into your Supercell ID you get a bonus character.

When you first logged into the game you have to play through the tutorial. After you have learned the basic of movement, control and goal, we recommend reading learn about every brawler in the game from the Brawlers menu in-game. There are four main game modes in Brawl Stars: Smash & Grab, Showdown, Heist and Bounty, each of them with a different objective. Now, let’s talk about some tips of every mode which can make you the best brawler.

Smash & Grab

In this game mode if brawl stars, there are two teams with 4 players tries to collect gems from the battlefield. Each player tries to collect gems and knock the opponent down. When one player dies he will drop all the crystals which they collected from the battlefield. The first team with 10 gems and will complete the 16 seconds countdown, they will win this game mode.

Use abstracts as advanced

In smash & grab mode there are many obstacles everywhere on the map. Many characters can’t shoot behind the rocks, mushrooms, barrels and other objects, So, you can run around behind these obstacles to get cover from the enemies incoming fire. But, be careful about the yellow ring around your enemies. Special abilities can break the obstacles and hurt you.

Protect the character with most gems

Protect the character of your team who has collected most crystals from the battlefield. If your team is close to winning, you should protect your crystal carrying teammate. And also run behind the enemy who has collected most crystals with all of your teammates.b

Beware from tank brawlers

Don’t try to engage any fight with tank brawls alone. Tank brawlers like El Primo and Bull are dangerous, wait for your teammates to for backup.


It is another game mode in Brawl stars. In this mode, you have to attack or defence a safe full of crystals. Each game completed within 2.5 minutes, in this time period if the enemy can break the safe they will win, if not the defence team will win.

Use special abilities on the safe

If you are from the attacking team you can use your special abilities on the safe to do some damage.

Use long-range brawlers

In this game mode, if you are using long-range brawlers it must be an advantage to your team. Try to choose characters like Ricochet, Colt and brock. In open fields, you can defeat your character easily with these brawlers.


In Brawl stars, It’s a free for all 10 players battle. Travel around the map and try to survive. You won’t be able to respawn if you die. Longer survive in the match will offer high rewards at the end of the match.

Collect charge and hide

Collect Charge potions by breaking charge creates on the map. The charge potions will help you to increase your health and stats in the game. Hide and let everyone fight each other. After defeating an enemy you can collect their charge potions.

Choose weaker characters to defeat

Characters who have lower potions than you, just try to defeat them and collect their potions to increase your strength. As much you can collect the potions, your strength will be increased.


In the game Brawl stars, Bounty is a team-on-team deathmatch. You can collect starts by killing your enemies. This game mode is similar like Smash & grab. The team who has the most stars they will win the match. So, you can check out the previous Smash & grab mode tips for bounty. in this game mode, if you have at least one tank Brawler at your team you can easily get success. Tank brawlers are hard to kill because they have so many Hit Points.

These are the tips of each mode from the game Brawl stars hack. Enjoy the game with your friends. Follow the tips to get points fast.