FIFA Mobile 20 – What’s New in this Season?

FIFA Mobile 20: the new updated season is going to be available soon along with the FIFA 20. EA is planning to make it fresh on Google play and App Store. Therefore, get ready for the new season of FIF Mobile coming soon.

The actions gets started before the early seasons, and you cannot afford to wait know further details. It’s apt to know the new features in this context.

What are the new features in FIFA Mobile 20?

Here are a few new features in FIFA 20:

You vs your friends

For the first time, you’ll get a chance to play head-to-head with friends in an exciting action FIFA Mobile. So get ready with your Ultimate Team. Now you can train any player to make them a superstar and then join a League or play though close to 650 events.

The gameplay: challenge in real-time

This is a never before scenario. In FIFA Mobile 20, you challenge your friends in 11v11 gameplay. So, make a list of your game friends and keep on tracking your head-to-head record for bragging rights. The pitch is going to be personal.

Profitable competition

The new round of competition involving head-to-head Vs attack or full 11v11 matches is based on the weekly and monthly score. This will help earn good rewards. To win more rearwards, you need to win, go up in the divisions. You’ll reach the top in the leaderboards.

Build your core team

Choose a player to form the La Liga, the Premier League, Ligue 1, MLS, Bundesliga, and Serie A to build your core team.

Train the any one of the players to become the best – a superstar of FIFA 20.

Make a squad of football players from identical countries, teams or league, to bring out proper consistency. Take your Starting 11 atop the leaderhoards.

Challenge the toughest opponents

The UEFA Champions League and Europa UEFA League are the toughest players in FIFA 20. Challenge them by taking part in Live Events consistent with real world tournaments when it goes on along the season. This will help earn UEL Player and special UCL.

The Legacy Team

This feature will help gain better rewards when you earn a higher OVR for your legacy team.

The legacy team will enable the player to promote the present sessions starting and make it carry over to the for the following session for using them in certain events.

Remember to make your active lineup to have all the 11 players you wish to be carried over into the Legacy team. Or, the carryover will not happen in the new session.

Did you know the cost of FIFA Mobile 20?

You can get the FIFA Mobile 20 hack game without paying single penny – it’s free as opposed to FIFA 20 game priced at £54.99 if you wish to play the game on Xbox 1 or PlayStation 4.

So, get ready for the ultimate excitement.

FIFA 20 – What’s New and Gameplay Updates

With FIFA 20 set for its September release, EA Sports fans’ football series are in for a celebratory frenzy with an energized playing mode Volta. FIFA along with other games published by EA has become a craze in a large section of people in gaming. Of course, there is a reasonable amount of criticism that no substantial steps are being taken to bring innovation into the game. Today, many of these games are spreading to new territories but are getting more acceptable to a growing number of people.

What is FIFA 20 like?

FIFA 20 in its Volta avatar is a classic example of this trend. It’s primarily a comeback of FIFA Street that happened in the way back in 2012. This mode of the game will let more new players enter FIFA because of the admission norms have become slackened.

As many people have yet to play the game as a sports game, now they are going to get a new opportunity because of Volta at Gamescom 2019. Now new players are entering the series.

What is the new avatar of FIFA like?

2019 is the new mode of FIFA thanks to the changes that have been put into force. They are as follows:

A revival of street football

In 2005, FIFA was in its original avatar. A new mode known as Volta was included. Volta takes the place of The Journey.

A widespread feeling is that the freedom to choose the five-a-side teams without any bias is essential.

The pace has become slower

Aggression and speed are the prime qualities of football. Yet, EA have slowed on the pace of the game down the flank, and take just a little longer to gains dribbles and skills.

Slowing down the pace of the game gives a better chance for players to make an instant decision on a controller and making it look similar to a real situation.

More emphasis on career mode

If you don’t play the game online, you are prone to take the team you like up to the career mode. FIFA 20 hack enforces on players with the more stringent player potential system. Players such as Vinicius Junior or Christian Pulisic require time to perform better on the pitch. Or, their stats will slide downward.

A wrap-up

FIFA 20 by all standards, looks much more than another FIFA game. Though an updated roster is around, players get a robust and distinct campaign in Volta. And, it is distinct from in FIFA 20 Volta. There are a great number of people buying this game. However, it might be of immense importance if people being curious plunge into the football-related franchise.

Pokemon Masters – The Hottest New Pokemon Mobile Game in 2019

A new game with some familiar faces is coming soon for Pokemon fans. Pokemon Masters mobile, by DeNA and the Pokemon Group, is designed for mobile phones. DeNA is the same company that collaborated with Nintendo to create mobile versions of Animal Crossing, Mario Kart and Super Mario. Pokemon Masters provides some nostalgic play with famous Trainers from other video games all coming together in a completely new game. It’s currently available in Canada, but an exact release date for the U.S. hasn’t yet been set. However, players in the U.S. can currently preregister for both ioS and Android phones.

3v3 Battles!

The game takes place on the fictional island of Pasio. A young Trainer arrives on the island to compete in the Pokemon Masters League (PML). Players will form a partnership with their Pokemon (Pikachu), and form a synced pair. The synced pair will travel around the island, encountering Trainers and their Pokemon, making friends and forming a team. The Trainers encountered on the island will be recognized by seasoned players as famous Trainers from other games. Once the team has three Trainers, the player can begin waging battles with other teams of three. The ultimate goal is to win the five badges and become the tournament champion.

What’s New?

The biggest difference of Pokemon Masters is to team up with Trainers, rather than collecting Pokemon. The strategies for Pokemon Masters will be different from other games, where players are accustomed to having a team of Pokemon. The battles will entail the three Trainers sending their one Pokemon into battle at once. Each trainer only battles with just one Pokemon. Unlike other Pokemon games, with teams of Pokemon, players are controlling the three Trainers on their team during battles. Players can use Trainer moves during the battle and their own healing items. These moves will affect their Pokemon and can cause their stats to improve. New battle strategies will have to be devised to win the battles.

Play With Friends!

Pokemon Masters hack will contain a co-op mode, where players can play with real people online. Players can form a team with friends, or strangers, to compete in their battles. During co-op play, players can cooperate by healing friend’s Pokemon and unlocking unity attacks, which use all their Pokemon at once.

Pokemon Masters Mobile looks to be an exciting new Pokemon game, combining both new elements with familiar characters that can be casually played alone or with friends on smartphones.

Call of Duty Mobile – Is it Worth?

The world of mobile gaming has greatly changed. There is a fan in engaging the PUBG’s game’ version. Despite the ownership of the two titles by the Tencent group’ great competition is expected. The activision has improved their franchise by providing the Call of Duty beta’ version. The latter makes use of the maps, iconic, weapons and game modes’ from the most popular’ Modern Warfare and the Black Ops.

In this content, therefore, we shall solely focus on royale game mode’ battle. It boasts of own sensitivity options, loadout and adds great uniqueness’ on the Call of Duty to the entire gameplay.

The Format of the CoD’ Battle Royale

To start’ you are allowed to choose, between engaging a teammate, single player or squad of 4′. At this level, you will be provided with a single map. You can either go for the first’-person shooter or third’-person. The gameplay comes out well customized in order to assure you the perfect experience you may want.

From the CoD’ Battle Royale’, you are allowed to pick a class’ of every game parachute’ on the map. Go through neat items, then seek and get rid of your enemies. Whenever one of your mates is brought down, you can always have them revived in a way that would ring near the Apex.

The Associated Classes of Call of Duty Mobile

There exist very few CoD’ mobile classes. They include the following.


This one has the capacity to call the EMP’ drone that avails some interference, especially to the hostile’ gadgets. Their inactiveness’ enables them to easily notice hostile traps, enemies’ in vehicles and equipment.


These are capable of putting down a shield that can be folded in order to shield against the anticipated damage. This is highly effective for situations where you are exposed or you have no place to hide. Their passiveness enables them to be resilient on damages except those sustained from bullets.


They are able to hit sensor’ dirt which reveals temporarily the dangerous hotspots from the map. On the other hand, the passive allows them to see through the enemy footprints that could have passed before them. Efficient utilization of all the players and their respective team’ guides you on safest route to access the ring.

Securing The Field

With the royale battle, there exist general’ rules that should always guide you whenever you want to remain victorious consistently. Anytime you engage a team, you should always try to remain with them. You realize if you are close to someone, you are likely to defeat an enemy because you will both hit at them. Being in a team, always try to shoot at the blue or red beams, since they are associated with several goodies. These come in the form of armour, weapons, equipment, grenades, health kits and bullets. The associated disadvantage is that you are required to get rid of all the zombies around to be able to access them.

Try locating yourself at high ground. This position will always assure you a great perspective on whatever happening around you. Making sure you don’t lose focus on what is in front, quickly try to go through the map. In case there are movements of vehicles, shootings or enemies around, they will appear, hence assuring you a head up.


Therefore, with this in mind, you should be ready to take up the battle’ royale’ mode on CoD Mobile hack. Follow the above tips to the latter and engage a class that will assure you great utility, and you will rule the leaderboards.

Brawl Stars: Tips for Every Brawler

An online mobile game that sends some players into 3vs3 or 1vs9 real-time and short-burst multiplayer matches. This team-based game from the studio behind clash of clans pushes the arena battle game to new heights. This is one of the most played online multiplayer games which have been played since OMH servers went down. In the game Brawl Stars, you will have one of the characters to chose and play very entertaining matches with your favourite characters. You are playing against real people which makes it much more fun real and challenging. Also if you log into your Supercell ID you get a bonus character.

When you first logged into the game you have to play through the tutorial. After you have learned the basic of movement, control and goal, we recommend reading learn about every brawler in the game from the Brawlers menu in-game. There are four main game modes in Brawl Stars: Smash & Grab, Showdown, Heist and Bounty, each of them with a different objective. Now, let’s talk about some tips of every mode which can make you the best brawler.

Smash & Grab

In this game mode if brawl stars, there are two teams with 4 players tries to collect gems from the battlefield. Each player tries to collect gems and knock the opponent down. When one player dies he will drop all the crystals which they collected from the battlefield. The first team with 10 gems and will complete the 16 seconds countdown, they will win this game mode.

Use abstracts as advanced

In smash & grab mode there are many obstacles everywhere on the map. Many characters can’t shoot behind the rocks, mushrooms, barrels and other objects, So, you can run around behind these obstacles to get cover from the enemies incoming fire. But, be careful about the yellow ring around your enemies. Special abilities can break the obstacles and hurt you.

Protect the character with most gems

Protect the character of your team who has collected most crystals from the battlefield. If your team is close to winning, you should protect your crystal carrying teammate. And also run behind the enemy who has collected most crystals with all of your teammates.b

Beware from tank brawlers

Don’t try to engage any fight with tank brawls alone. Tank brawlers like El Primo and Bull are dangerous, wait for your teammates to for backup.


It is another game mode in Brawl stars. In this mode, you have to attack or defence a safe full of crystals. Each game completed within 2.5 minutes, in this time period if the enemy can break the safe they will win, if not the defence team will win.

Use special abilities on the safe

If you are from the attacking team you can use your special abilities on the safe to do some damage.

Use long-range brawlers

In this game mode, if you are using long-range brawlers it must be an advantage to your team. Try to choose characters like Ricochet, Colt and brock. In open fields, you can defeat your character easily with these brawlers.


In Brawl stars, It’s a free for all 10 players battle. Travel around the map and try to survive. You won’t be able to respawn if you die. Longer survive in the match will offer high rewards at the end of the match.

Collect charge and hide

Collect Charge potions by breaking charge creates on the map. The charge potions will help you to increase your health and stats in the game. Hide and let everyone fight each other. After defeating an enemy you can collect their charge potions.

Choose weaker characters to defeat

Characters who have lower potions than you, just try to defeat them and collect their potions to increase your strength. As much you can collect the potions, your strength will be increased.


In the game Brawl stars, Bounty is a team-on-team deathmatch. You can collect starts by killing your enemies. This game mode is similar like Smash & grab. The team who has the most stars they will win the match. So, you can check out the previous Smash & grab mode tips for bounty. in this game mode, if you have at least one tank Brawler at your team you can easily get success. Tank brawlers are hard to kill because they have so many Hit Points.

These are the tips of each mode from the game Brawl stars hack. Enjoy the game with your friends. Follow the tips to get points fast.

Cheats, Tips, and Strategies to Play Disney Magic Kingdoms

The Disney Magic Kingdoms is a mobile game introduced by Gameloft that allows you to organize your Disney World as per your choice which you may not be able to do in the Disney World of Walt Disney. Though it may take time to understand this game but the cheats, tips, and strategies discussed in this write-up can help you in building better and more contented Disney World Kingdoms.

Magic and Gems

Unlike other mobile games, Disney Magic Kingdoms is operated through Magic, the currency of this game, which will be used to build most decorations, attractions, and concession stand in it. A certain amount of Magic can be generated with time from the buildings you place in your game as well as collecting through the random actions performed by the characters, completing quests, buying or watching in-game videos with gems and visiting the kingdoms of other players. Gems are the hard currency of this game which can be used to speed up the task and buy premium buildings. They can be earned gradually by watching and leveling up videos or using real money to buy them.

One Task at a Time

In this game, you will be using the characters you have unlocked to complete the task of completing quests found by tapping the icon on the left-bottom corner of the screen. You can also open a list of actions you can assign to the characters either by tapping on the character sitting idle or on the icon on the left-upper corner of the screen. You can assign random tasks to the characters, even if they are not required for this quest, as it will allow you to earn Magic, experience points as well as the items you can use to level up or unlock more characters. However, every character can do only one activity at a time.

Make Wishes Come True

An amusement park simulator, a part of Disney Magic Kingdoms, revolves to grant wishes to increase its level of Happiness. But to get Happiness you will have to scroll down to find a guest with a bubble of thought. You can tap on the bubble if it includes a roller coaster icon to send the guest to an attraction. You will have to tap on the popping out smiley icon from the attraction to collect the Happiness of your guest. However, if the character you need is busy then you cannot assign him a task unless it completes its previous task. The Happiness thus collected will help you to earn more Magic by starting parades to produce rewards and actions for you.

Feeding and Care of Characters

In order to complete your park, you will need more Pixar and Disney character around you to allow you to perform more actions to earn more Magic. So to get more characters you can tap on the characters’ icon on the right-bottom corner to get a menu of the characters of this game. You can be free to go away from the game by deploying more characters to do lengthy tasks.

Disperse the Darkness

One of the main drawbacks of this game is that in the early stages you have limited space to work in. So you will have to roll back the darkness to unlock more area for your park by tapping the areas under darkness.

Thus by using the cheats, tips, and strategies discussed in this write-up you can build better contented Disney World Kingdoms hack for you.

FIFA Mobile 19 Soccer Guide: Ways to Earn Coins Fast

FIFA Mobile, football simulation videos game. Developed by EA Mobile and EA Canada, it is published by EA Sports for both Android and iOS smartphones. The game has become a great opportunity to earn money. It has made gaming more social, casual and based on a great business model executed on the Internet. The success in the game is reckoned by FIFA Points and Coins earned.

It is important to know that FIFA points cannot be earned. You need to buy them with genuine money. However, when it comes to coins, you can play the game and earn coins. Every one wishes to earn more coins at FIFA Mobile — more coins means more money.

However, you are not sure how to move ahead. We enumerate a few tips for earning more coins. 1. Stay active at the marketplace – you can bid, sell or buy players. You can make a profit in the sale-buy process. Make sure you get to know players with rating 70 and more and BIN cost at 500 to 1,000 coins. The notion is that once you know a player (who has not been booked) to be available to you and sell them at the moment instantly. You need to buy at low cost and sell at higher. That is how you earn profit. 2. Play in attack mode – Playing in attack mode is the faster way to earn more coins. By taking part in Attacker mode, you will get a score higher score than the score you get from other players. For example, Level 2 players may bring 210 coins in one game whereas Level 1 games earn you 220 coins. Though the difference is just 10, over time, it will make a big amount of money. 3.

Launch a season – You must take part in the game by playing until you reach the level of 8 before you are allowed to begin a season. Operating on a session on FIFA Mobile brings great fun. You will enjoy it You will get 800 coins for each winning and if the game is drawn, you get 400 coins for each draw. You are also likely to get additional coins when you get additional trophies.

Check out where you should sell and buy players repeatedly to get an income.

Take part in the live event – If you are fairly good at the game, you can take part live event. The number of coins that you earn varies according to the level of difficulty. A 3-star even can bring 240 coins and a one-star daily warm-up is likely to bring you 40 coins. 5. Participate only in official website – Avoid playing the game in unauthorized third-party sites. You should be cautious while choosing the app. The best thing is to participate only in the official website. It is not impossible to earn from FIFA Mobile Soccer hack a decent income. It likely brings a constant flow of money if you are planning to take it as an entrepreneur. You can know the best offers and make a profit by reselling them. Always focus on what helps you more in getting additional money — Seasons or live events.

NBA 2K19 – What’s New?

Brief Introduction

Set to launch on 11th September 2018, NBA 2K19 is a video game designed to imitate the real world basketball for sports gamers. It will feature G. Antetokounmpo, a Greek basketball star to appear on the top cover of the standard edition and James Raymone LeBron, an American star, to feature on the cover art of the special version of the game.
The video game will be launched for Windows Computers, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.
This guide provides you with all the information you need to know about every edition of NBA 2K19 video game. In addition, it presents the most common features, what to expect in the game (bonuses, promotions, etc.), and where to pre-order your version to keep it safe for the release date.

The Real Cover Star of the Game

James LeBron R., an American international player, is the real cover-star for the special edition of the game. Since this was revealed, the international star made a great number of followers in Los Angeles. More to this, we need to wait for any changes and see if the game publishers will change the cover star.
The standard version of the game featured a Greek international player, Giannis Antetokounmpo, as the cover star. This was formally disclosed by 2K Sports on the 2nd of July this year. So far, there are no optimistic changes required for Antetokounmpo, unless otherwise stated.

The Official Game Release Date

The game was made public earlier this year by a certain listing on the internet even before 2K Sports published it. James LeBron Raymone, an international star, and American basketball player was seen in the leak as the cover star for the special version of this game. Along with this, it stated that the game will be released on September eleventh, next month.
On that same day, 2K Sports released the game at once, and James R. LeBron was disclosed as the cover star for the special version. 4 days before the release (7th September), the special edition, going for 99.99 US Dollars, can easily be easily accessed. This will include the additional promotions and bonuses featured in the game.
The publisher also revealed that starting on 31st August 2018, the Game’s Prelude will be ready for PS4 and Xbox One.

The Special Game Edition

This version was fully disclosed by 2K. At this moment, it only costs 99.99 US Dollars. In addition, it comprises the following:
• A hundred thousand currency points (virtual)
• Fifty thousand MyTeam points
• Twenty MyTeam League Packs and 10 MyTeam Heat Check packs, both provided once every week
• 5 LeBron James themes for MyCourt
• James LeBron MyTeam card and MyCourt design

The Gameplay / Game Trailer

Currently, no trailer or game-play is found for the this game. As yet, nothing is released by the actual publishers and the trending videos on YouTube affirmed to be the gameplay are not true. Please understand that 2K Sports has not formally given out any trailer for NBA 2K19.

Game Player Ratings

Ratings about some players were released last month (July 2018) by the game publisher, 2K. The following is an overall rating. You should also note that this is not the best ten players in the NBA 2K19.
• LeBron Raymone James Sr (98)
• Kawhi Anthony Leonard (94)
• Karl-Anthony Towns Jr (91)
• DeMarcus Amir Cousins (90)
• DeMar Darnell DeRozan (89)
• Jayson Christopher Tatum (87)
• Donovan Corey Mitchell Jr. (87)
• Benjamin David Simmons (87)
Come next month, 2K Sports will have presented an additional rating list for some other players. You need to be in touch!

The Pre-Order of NBA 2K19 Game

The game is going to give the major platforms so that players can be able to play on Switch, Windows PC, Play Station 4 and Xbox One. The following are the main platforms and the links.
• Twentieth Anniversary Edition – PS4
• Twentieth Anniversary Edition – Xbox One
• Twentieth Anniversary Edition – Switch


This game imitates the actual experience of the NBA, a North-American premier basketball league for men. It is a replacement of NBA 2K18 and the 2K’s twentieth installation.
The video game includes both single mode player and the multi-player mode.
Until this time, nothing much is known about the NBA 2K19 locker codes video game but hopefully, the game publishers will release more updates before the actual release on September 11th, next month.

FIFA 19 – Upcoming Game Overview


So September is around the corner again. For FIFA fans, this is an exciting time of the year. This is more so this year after a very eventful soccer season. We expect the new changes reflected in this years FIFA 19 game scheduled to be released this September.


Much like last years FIFA 18, FIFA 19 has managed to reek a great deal of anticipation for most gamers. The hype generally revolves around the new expected features. Fifa 19 will definitely bring a lot to the table if previous releases are anything to go by.
So how do we know this?

A recent 10-minute video leak featuring the new game promises a lot of new improvements compared to its predecessor. Though most cannot be confirmed until the game is officially released, EA seems to have put in a lot of work into making the game more realistic than ever before.

Here are just some of the advancements expected this September on FIFA 19


Gameplay is the backbone of every game. You want to feel in control and see the game in the most realistic way possible. Fifa 19 puts all these aspects into consideration by allowing a greater variety yet simpler player control options. Automation and team mentality has never been simpler with greater advancements in team tactics and controls.

Yes, these may seem like simple tweaks to the already working predecessor but you can rest assured they make by far much more difference in gameplay than you would expect. Better management of players in both ultras attacking and ultra defending will prove a useful tool in the overall gaming experience.

New features

As far as new features go, here is what to expect with the new release.

Better physics and physicality

So previous versions of FIFA have not really given the feel of reality in physics that real games have. The new release will give better attention to detain in instances such as landing on the feet or knees as well as repossessing balls from strong forwards or defenders.

This ultimately means that players will now have to pay better attention and exercise a little bit of more patience if they are to avoid injury

during tackles.

Further subtle movements such as chest movement and facial rendering have been improved for better aesthetics as well.

Choose how many players for setpiece

Yes, you can now finally choose which and how many players go up for a corner. This will be done simply from the tactics menu allowing a maximum of five players.

The tactics menu is further expected to hold greater detail to cover the new advancements in FIFA 19’s tactics.

Facial likeness

As mentioned earlier, FIFA 19 will pay better attention to aesthetics. This is in an effort to improve the overall realistic experience.
As such, facial likeness has been focused further to five better visuals in aesthetics of the is however expected that some players may not receive the new updates In visuals owing to a lack of scans.

Career mode

The career mode is a point of focus for most players. Fifa 19 promises to give better ‘Career Mode’ and ‘The Journey’ especially after EA’s acquisition of the champions league license. You can now be sure that there will be something for everyone in the new Fifa 19.

Release date

Yes, much anticipation has been built in the wait for FIFA 19. EA has confirmed the official global release date to be September 28 this year. You can, however, get the game three days earlier if you opt for the pre-ordering option. Of course, the experience in gameplay will vary depending on the edition you purchase. Of the available options, buyers can purchase standard, champions or ultimate editions.


The above a some of the new features we expect in the new FIFA 19 hack. Of course, nothing can be confirmed for sure as of yet but a lot will be revealed once the demo is released. This is scheduled to happen about two weeks before the official release date for Fifa 19. The inclusion of champions and Europa leagues as well as the Chinese super league are bound to make things a little bit more exciting. Watch star players like Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, and Lukaku on the new release only two months away.

Why FIFA 18 Has Maintained Dominance Over Its Rivals

The FIFA 18 is a remarkable soccer game with an engaging gameplay. It captures the real world of football in a brilliant manner. The series comes with a ton of animations that gives the player more opportunities to control the ball.



Real player motion

The game utilizes game trajectory to deliver a responsive Gameplay. For example, the signature movements of Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo look real. Other than that, players feel and move just the way they do in a normal pitch.

Crossing and passing

A new crossing system has been introduced where a player can whip the ball or lob it. Ideally, he cannot execute a perfect delivery when the body position is not right. This minimizes the scoring opportunities. Unlike the previous series, the FIFA 18 offers new crossing controls which give more options from the wing. In order to pass the ball, the player requires more skills to execute that perfect move. If the ball is not maneuvered correctly, an opportunity for the opponents is created.


The defense is much better. If your defense lacks the speed, you better not play on a high line. This is definitely the game that fans have been waiting for. Players are able to think when they don’t have a ball.

Powered tackle

A powered tackle has been introduced on top of the standard standing tackle. This time, the developer has ensured that players make a smart decision when timing with tackles. On the other hand, they are able to position their body correctly.


The player does not have to stop the game to make a substitution thanks to the newly introduced feature. All you need to do is to long press the back bumper to preset the substitutions for players. The EA has made these notable changes to make the game more mature.


  • Comes with the most fluid ball attacks
  • The lighting and graphics are amazing
  • It’s easy to maintain the possession of the ball
  • The attacking elite are more powerful


  • The defenders appear to be less important
  • The standard passing still lacks crispness

Final thoughts

The FIFA 18 is a straightforward sport that delivers real excitement. When you compare the game to the previous series, the players appear more equipped. On top of that, they can deploy a few move skills while the opponents can sprint at your defense. The sharp commentary and flashy graphics are what makes this the best FIFA game in years. Best of all, the animations are faster, smoother and more responsive.

You can also check out this guide about FIFA 19 Coin Generator.