Why FIFA 18 Has Maintained Dominance Over Its Rivals

The FIFA 18 is a remarkable soccer game with an engaging gameplay. It captures the real world of football in a brilliant manner. The series comes with a ton of animations that gives the player more opportunities to control the ball.



Real player motion

The game utilizes game trajectory to deliver a responsive Gameplay. For example, the signature movements of Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo look real. Other than that, players feel and move just the way they do in a normal pitch.

Crossing and passing

A new crossing system has been introduced where a player can whip the ball or lob it. Ideally, he cannot execute a perfect delivery when the body position is not right. This minimizes the scoring opportunities. Unlike the previous series, the FIFA 18 offers new crossing controls which give more options from the wing. In order to pass the ball, the player requires more skills to execute that perfect move. If the ball is not maneuvered correctly, an opportunity for the opponents is created.


The defense is much better. If your defense lacks the speed, you better not play on a high line. This is definitely the game that fans have been waiting for. Players are able to think when they don’t have a ball.

Powered tackle

A powered tackle has been introduced on top of the standard standing tackle. This time, the developer has ensured that players make a smart decision when timing with tackles. On the other hand, they are able to position their body correctly.


The player does not have to stop the game to make a substitution thanks to the newly introduced feature. All you need to do is to long press the back bumper to preset the substitutions for players. The EA has made these notable changes to make the game more mature.


  • Comes with the most fluid ball attacks
  • The lighting and graphics are amazing
  • It’s easy to maintain the possession of the ball
  • The attacking elite are more powerful


  • The defenders appear to be less important
  • The standard passing still lacks crispness

Final thoughts

The FIFA 18 is a straightforward sport that delivers real excitement. When you compare the game to the previous series, the players appear more equipped. On top of that, they can deploy a few move skills while the opponents can sprint at your defense. The sharp commentary and flashy graphics are what makes this the best FIFA game in years. Best of all, the animations are faster, smoother and more responsive.

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Top 6 Tips For Playing NBA 2K18: The Last One Will Shock You

NBA 2K18 is an incredible role playing game that allows gamers to build their own prospective NBA superstar from the ground up. The game has a personal focus on cards and a progression that makes for an engaging experience. It also finds ways to guide them to stardom as well as the elusive 99 rating. However, no one said that getting to the top was easy. In fact, with evolving 2K sports, playing NBA 2K18 could be a grind. But fear not! Our guide will enable you to break down any opponent that comes your way and make you the NBA superstar that you have always wanted to be!

Let us get started!

  • Focus on building a good team

While collecting a ton of different cards may be tempting, building a core team will make you a stronger player. Once this is done, level up your cards and watch your players improve significantly.

  • Take your time in finding the best superstars for your team

All NBA 2K18 players that you will come across when playing the game are different from each other. For instance, Steph Curry will not put up the same defence as Kyrie Irving. Therefore, it is important to understand each player’s strength and real-life tendencies. This will give you an upper hand against all of your opponents.

  • Do not forget to substitute players

When playing NBA 2K18 under the simulation pace using the full game minutes, you will want to keep your players fresh and active. This can be done by benching some players before the second half. Time-outs are also allowed.

  • Practice good speed skills

Do not continuously use the sprint button. This will make your players tired and your gameplay predictable. To keep things interesting, only use your sprint in moments when your defender least expects it. Instead, learn how to mix up your pace when dribbling.

  • Do all you can to earn extra money

By playing as many Quick Games as possible, you will easily earn currency and customize your players. Completing mission tasks is also a way of earning extra money. This virtual currency is useful in buying extra card packs or unlocking clothes, shoes and other items that are found in MyCareer.

  • Log in everyday

Logging into the game every day will earn you a free card pack. When you log in four days in a row, you will get a rare pack of cards. Log in twenty days in a row and an elite pack of card is all yours! Sounds easy, right?

Many NBA 2K18 players cherish the opportunity to make the most of their experience. Although you may kick things off by forcing your shots or making bad passes, these tips will teach you how to identify your strength and stick to them. You never know; you may end up in the starting 5 very quickly!

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NBA 2K17 Mobile Review – Gets Everything Right


When it comes to the basketball game, there is nothing like the NBA series. Already enjoying success on PCs and gaming consoles, the NBA 2K17 has finally arrived for the iOS and the Android. With the mobile release of the game, the publisher 2K is surely aiming to extend its’ sports gaming’ supremacy to the mobile devices. NBA 2K16 for the smartphones was by no means a good game and it lacked several things which could enhance the experience of the gamers. The story for NBA 2K17 has been different so far as its reception is positive and fans are loving it. Although playing NBA 2K17 on a console or a PC is a pure joy and feels much better than playing it on the mobile devices there have been some impressive changes this year which will undoubtedly increase the bar for upcoming editions.

What’s New?

The NBA 2k17 comes with better Graphics, realistic textures and players look better than the previous editions. There are changes in gameplay controls as it comes with an option of a Third Party controller. MyCareer has now options of player equipment, off day simulations and a new badge. Another quite significant change is the way player dribbles and handles the ball, it has become much better than previous editions, and it makes playing this game more realistic.

Controls and Gaming Experience

Infused with a new set of advanced animations, which are touch sensitive, have made the gameplay more realistic. The players react just like they would in real life. The pace and transition are also much better and the pace which is an essential element of an NBA game is indeed reflected by the smooth on-screen actions. As mentioned above the dribbling has become better, but there is still some time left before it can match the PC version. The virtual control panel has become more sophisticated, and this makes defending much easier but it decreases your control over your team. The controls are straightforward and not very difficult to operate, and the jump-shot has been timed much better for taking better 2-pointer shots.


There are four modes in NBA 2k17 namely Quick Game, Blacktop, MyCareer and Season Mode. The publisher 2K has put its principal focus on MyCareer mode which enables the new players to create their custom player and can upgrade him with time. With Blacktop mode you can challenge any other human opponent by your custom MyCareer player on different outdoor courts. Also, if you are not interested in playing quick games, you can have a go at the NBA trophy by playing in the Season mode.

The Plus point

>Better visuals and new advanced animations.
>Offers realistic gaming experience.
>Four primary modes which provide a player with more gaming opportunities along with flexibility.
>Improved handling and better gameplay.

The Minus point

>Still not as good as it is on Consoles and PCs
>A bit costly at $8
>There are some occurrences where players get stuck for few seconds.

For a mobile game, the NBA 2k17 is surely on the expensive side with the price tag of $8, but there are no in-app purchases. The game is enjoyable and with improved functionality and revamped controls it is surely better than the previous editions of the popular gaming series. As the sporting games are all about gaming experience like how it plays, how it feels, the NBA 2k17 does not dissappoint and provides ultimate gaming joy.

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NBA 2K17 – The Best NBA 2K Game of Today

It’s not every day that we hear about a mainstream sports simulation game, even more so with a sport like basketball. And probably even more remote is the thought of a basketball role playing video game. But far-fetched as it may seem (or not, if you’re not allergic to simulations), that seems to be what the newly developed NBA 2K17 aims to be. And competently so. This review will cover the most realistic (arguably, the only video game franchise that can legitimately claim to be a remotely realistic in this genre) and fulfilling basketball experience you’ll ever find in a console or PC.

NBA 2K17
Developed by Visual Concepts and published under the 2K Sports umbrella, NBA 2K17 is the 18th installment in the long NBA 2K basketball simulation series. It’s set to be released for all major platforms (PC, PS3 and PS4, Xbox 360 and One), except those of Nintendo. It comes with a few significant improvements over its predecessor, namely the reintroduction of the MyLeague and MyGM game modes. The gameplay inside the court has also been improved towards a more realistic, if more challenging experience.

Game mechanics

The so-called “physics” of the game inside the court is top notch. One of the perks of many ‘contact sports’ video games is the very difficult to model element of contact itself. The whole dynamics between two or more soft and tense bodies fighting for a positional advantage or ball possession on the field has always resulted in a huge amount of awfully unrealistic and jerky simplifications. It’s something that many games have tried to do, but none succeeded so far. Stealing a ball from the opponent’s hands is something that usually requires a lot more luck than skill. Only luck.

But somehow NBA 2k17 allows you to see the time to steal a ball and actually be rewarded for your skill without exaggeration. Seeing an improvement in defensive help, for example, is essential. How many times has a player dribbled the whole defense perimeter and had open space for a slam dunk because no defender reacted like actual human basketball players? There has been a chronic lack of choice between forcing one’s way through the defense and opting for circulating the ball through the players until a gap opens up. Not anymore with NBA 2K17. For those who like Kyle Lowry or Deron Williams, this is music to the ears. Until now, it was difficult to actually use players who rely on force to get to the rim in a realistic way. With point guards this problem was even greater.

The fatigue system has changed as well. Until NBA 2K17, the way to show the virtual fatigue was to simply lower skills. The new system should penalize better those who play on “turbo” all the time. In all truth, this is nothing short of a revolution in sports games’ mechanics. Especially for those who play the multiplayer mode. There will be actual thought and strategy behind the way each one plays, makes a substitution, etc. And it’s fascinating to see how nuanced and dependent on actual skill the mechanics become in a human vs human gameplay.

A Basketball RPG?

MyLeague and MyGM, in addition to MyCareer, offer extensive managerial power to the player by enabling control over many aspects of the team’s operation during entire seasons (and off-season activities). And that’s what NBA 2K17 is truly about: control. Seeing the eventual consequences of the decisions you make throughout a season is nothing short of gratifying, bringing back to memory the best RPG experiences.

Both MyLeague and MYGM make a return to the series after being deprecated in 2K16. These modes allow you to control entire teams with different levels of complexity. With the MyPlayer (MyCareer) mode, you incarnate the protagonist of a story that has the potential of being as rich as your imagination. Struggling to succeed in college basketball and enter the NBA, you will experience many of the tribulations and dramas that almost all real professional players have gone through.


As usual, Visual Concepts delights players with top notch graphics and cinematics. The whole menu, design, music and overall pace of the gaming experience is very satisfying, and aids the pathos of NBA 2K17. Overall, a truly competent and gratifying basketball simulation for the fans of this sport.

NBA 2K17 – Better Enhancements and Gameplay

It’s time for an update to the NBA2K series, and fans cannot wait as presales go through the roof on popular game platforms.


The franchise has built a massive worldwide following since their first award-winning version of the NBA2K game and has gone from monster release to monster release, making it the most successful NBA game franchise ever. Every new version has featured better controller support, improved gameplay movements, more animations, shooting systems, story lines, real life aspects and more. Their aim was always to engage the player in every basketball decision and action with lifelike, ultra-realistic NBA gameplay, and boy! Did they deliver! In my opinion, every release has made the world a better place.

Over the years, previous game enhancements included celebrity producers, scriptwriters and artists like JAY Z to improve game delivery, range, and soundtracks.

This time, MyPLAYER starts with face scanning via the MyNBA 2K cell phone application.

You can now choose an archetype with ten attribute categories which will impose limits on future gameplay but will allow you to put together focused teams with unique strengths later on. Gameplay begins with college games in a compressed game version as a prelude to the full release on September 16. Your new running mate is Justice Young, played by Michael B. Jordan and there is a big new cast with Demetrius Grosse, Alisha Wainwright, Jak Knight, Johno Wilson, Joe Williamson and others who will appear in your MyPLAYER’s life, triggered by your actions in the game.

As your Orange Juice increases, you get more control and more options. You will get more offers from endorsement companies, make more connections in your MyCOURT hub for better opportunities in MyCAREER. Communication is mostly text-based.

Join up at the hottest ever virtual hangout among other players and fans – online action will feature a DJ and special effects for the virtual crowd.

Another new feature is an improvement to the MyPARK matchmaking to give newbies a chance to find their virtual feet gradually. Vets will be playing vets for true head-to-head contests. There is a 4-man announcement team with NBA reporter David Aldridge as the new sideline reporter.

Since it was first nominated for 70 “Game of the Year” awards ‘back in the day’, the franchise has returned several times to excite and titillate us with better graphics, expanded options, and newer features. Judging from the rivulets of sweat on buffed bodies, and the focus and determination on player’s faces (Your face!) we can see on the digital preview, the NBA 2K17 is going to be gigantic. More player control over everything in the game turns this from a mere NBA sports game into something of a life strategy experience with the most authentic graphics ever seen in a sports game. NBA2K retains their title as the franchise that “all sports video games should aspire to be” (GamesRadar).

NBA 2K17 ‘Legend Edition’

nbak217legendeditionSet to hit stores and online markets in September of 2016, the video game NBA 2K17 is more action-packed and innovative than ever before. Designed for Microsoft Windows and popular consoles such as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox 360, NBA 2K17 is loaded with game play options and deluxe purchasing availability.

In respect to the cover art, the regular edition of NBA 2K17 will feature Paul George of the Indiana Pacers with the recently retired Kobe Bryant taking centerstage on the “Legend Edition”. When it comes to international flavor, Danilo Gallinari will grace the cover of the game in Italy while Pau Gasol will be featured in Spain. Both active players in the NBA, Gallinari plays for the Denver Nuggets while Gasol was recently acquired by the San Antonio Spurs.
Although NBA 2K17 is very similar to its 2016 predecessor, the new edition does comes with some improvements and positive changes. In addition to game menus being modified, 2K17 will feature noticeable improvements in terms of the MyGM and MyLeague modes. Whereas MyGM focuses on developing and maintaining an NBA organization, MyLeague will allow users to explore a wide variety of customization options. In terms of game changes, the new features on both game modes will focus on league expansion to the highest degree. The ability to create an expansion team while creating jersey looks, logos, and even player selection via the expansion draft makes this feature quite similar to the real-life events that occur during the actual NBA expansion process.
As far as team selections are concerned, in addition to the notable current NBA teams, 2K17 will allow users to compete with the 2016 USA Olympic team, the Australian national team as well as the celebrated 1992 United States Olympic team that has been touted by many as the greatest sports team ever assembled. Rounding out the mix are 21 EuroLeague teams that are also represented.
Returning to the aforementioned “Legend Edition” that will feature Kobe Bryant on the cover, this particular edition of 2K17 is packed with extras including physical and deluxe content. Those who purchase the “Legend Edition” will receive a limited-edition Bryant poster, a Black Mamba game controller skin, and two high quality Panini trading cards. In terms of digital content, “Legend Edition” fans will receive 30,000 in virtual currency, a MyTeam bundle featuring a guaranteed Kobe Bryant free agent card, Bryant’s 2K Kobe XI shoe, a #8 Mitchell & Ness jersey, and a sporty Bryant hoodie.
Retailing between $70.00 and $100.00 depending on the retailer and the edition, if you are a fan of the NBA and NBA gaming then 2K17 will likely meet your expectations in potentially grand fashion.

NBA 2K17 – What’s New?

NBA 2K17 iѕ an uрсоming bаѕkеtbаll simulation vidео gаmе dеvеlореd by Viѕuаl Cоnсерtѕ аnd рubliѕhеd bу 2K Sроrtѕ. It iѕ thе 18th inѕtаllmеnt in the NBA 2K frаnсhiѕе and thе ѕuссеѕѕоr tо NBA 2K16. It is scheduled tо bе rеlеаѕеd in Sерtеmbеr 2016 for Microsoft Windоwѕ, PlауStаtiоn 4, PlауStаtiоn 3, Xbоx One, аnd Xbоx 360.[2] Pаul George iѕ the cover аthlеtе fоr thе rеgulаr еditiоn оf the gаmе, whilе Kоbе Brуаnt is thе cover аthlеtе for the ‘Lеgеnd Edition’. In Italy, the соvеr athlete iѕ Danilo Gаllinаri.


NBA 2K17, likе the previous gаmеѕ in thе ѕеriеѕ, is based on thе sport of basketball; mоrе ѕресifiсаllу, it ѕimulаtеѕ thе еxреriеnсе оf the Nаtiоnаl Bаѕkеtbаll Association (NBA). Several game mоdеѕ аrе inсludеd, ѕuсh аѕ MуGM аnd MуLеаguе. Alоng with сurrеnt NBA tеаmѕ, other teams аrе included, ѕuсh аѕ nаtiоnаl tеаmѕ. Thе game’s ѕоundtrасk, whiсh features 50 licensed ѕоngѕ, was сurаtеd by Grimеѕ, Imаginе Dragons, and Noah Shеbib.

NBA 2K17 iѕ a basketball ѕimulаtiоn gаmе which, likе the рrеviоuѕ gаmеѕ in the series, strives tо rеаliѕtiсаllу dерiсt thе еxреriеnсе of thе Nаtiоnаl Bаѕkеtbаll Aѕѕосiаtiоn (NBA), as well аѕ рrеѕеnt imрrоvеmеntѕ оvеr thе previous instalments. Thе рlауеr mаinlу plays NBA bаѕkеtbаll gаmеѕ with real-life оr customized players and tеаmѕ. Aѕ such, gаmеѕ follow thе rulеѕ аnd оbjесtivеѕ оf NBA bаѕkеtbаll games. Sеvеrаl gаmе mоdеѕ are аvаilаblе fоr thе player аnd mаnу ѕеttingѕ can be сuѕtоmizеd. Thе game соntаinѕ many рrеѕеntаtiоn ԛuаlitiеѕ thаt аrе mоdеllеd оn rеаl-lifе рrеѕеntаtiоn, ѕuсh as сrоwd аnimаtiоnѕ, соmmеntаrу, рrе-gаmе, hаlftimе, and роѕt-gаmе ѕhоwѕ, саmеrа аnglеѕ, аnd рlауеr аnimаtiоnѕ. Thе mеnuѕ hаvе also bееn modified.

Onе оf thе touted imрrоvеmеntѕ iѕ соnсеrning the gаmе’ѕ rеturning MуGM аnd MуLеаguе gаmе mоdеѕ. Bоth modes hаvе thе рlауеr асting аѕ thе ruling fоrсе of аll bаѕkеtbаll operations for a specific tеаm аnd аllоw thе рlауеr to сuѕtоmizе mаnу аѕресtѕ оf the team. MуGM is mоrе fосuѕеd оn mаintаining a realistic, funсtiоning team аnd impressing thе owner, whereas MуLеаguе оffеrѕ far more customization options. In bоth mоdеѕ, thе рlауеr simulates through ѕеаѕоnѕ, changing personnel, playing in gаmеѕ themselves, аnd participating in off-season асtivitiеѕ, ѕuсh аѕ the drаft. The introduced features fосuѕ on lеаguе еxраnѕiоn. As wеll аѕ hарреning dynamically, thе рlауеr can start either mоdе with uр tо 36 tеаmѕ and mау mоdifу many аѕресtѕ of еvеrу team. The рlауеr will go thrоugh thе process of сrеаting аn еxраnѕiоn team in a mоdеl vеrу ѕimilаr tо real-life occurrences of еxраnѕiоn tеаmѕ. As well аѕ creating thе lоgоѕ аnd jеrѕеуѕ оf the teams, аn еxраnѕiоn draft iѕ hеld and other tеаmѕ muѕt protect a select аmоunt оf рlауеrѕ. The lеаguе will automatically аdjuѕt the ѕсhеdulе, drаft, draft lоttеrу, еtс. if expansion tеаmѕ аrе сrеаtеd. Thе рlауеr саn аlѕо dоwnlоаd other players’ сrеаtiоnѕ.

Alоng with рlауing games with сurrеnt NBA tеаmѕ, ѕuсh as thе Philadelphia 76еrѕ аnd Tоrоntо Rарtоrѕ, оthеr teams are fеаturеd, such as thе 2016 Unitеd Stаtеѕ men’s Olуmрiс bаѕkеtbаll tеаm, the Australia mеn’ѕ nаtiоnаl bаѕkеtbаll team, аnd thе 1992 Unitеd Stаtеѕ mеn’ѕ Olympic basketball team.

NBA 2K17 Review


Sports have always been a big influence to everyone’s idea of leisure. Others indulge in the physical activities that are offered by sports while there are those who relish in watching the events unfold in one game. This is the reason why game manufacturers have been going crazy with integrating these sports into their platforms.

One notable example is the NBA Basketball games. This has turned into a worldwide phenomenon that entertains everyone. Some even bet on their favorite players as they cheer on the team who will make it to the finals. When that time finally comes, it seems that people are glued to their TV screens or to the internet for updates on the scoring and who is on the track for winning. For years, this has already been the situation for basketball fans, and with this in mind, it comes as no surprise that games have become such an integral part of these sports events.

Bigger and Better 2K17

One of the most famous basketball games for PS4 has already hit the shelves in the past year. It featured a whole slew of improvements from its predecessor, but for the NBA 2K17, it is made even better. This new version is set to be released on September 2016 and fans all over the world can’t seem to stop talking about it and what it would entail for their gaming agenda.

What to Expect

Are there new features? Of course! Take a look on some of the specials that this new version is equipped with:

  • It comes with a soundtrack! (50 songs on professional basketball)
  • There is a Kobe Bryant theme in “Legend Edition” and free goodies.
  • Dream Team vs Olympic Team 2016 Match ups
  • Pre-ordered sets will come with a unique and customizable USAB MyPLAYER jersey and also the legendary USA Basketball Dream Team of 1992.
  • Another matchup is the USA men’s basketball team 2016 against the 1992 Dream Team
  • Features the Australian Boomers (Second Team to be featured in the game0
  • Featured cover star is Kobe Bryant – the three time All-Star for NBA

Why Upgrade?

The NBA 2K16 has exposed new improvements for the in-game experience. It presented a wholesome package with its new game modes and improved physics systems. As the new version makes news all over the world, there are a lot of talks about what it will feature and in what way will this improve the overall experience of the game.

Last year’s MyCareer mode has caught the fancy of many games since it allowed them to pursue in-game careers and play, but it did fall short of player’s expectations because there were only a few choices for players and the decisions picked kind of had a predicable end, so this caused a whole lot of disappointment.

However, for this years’ 2K17 release, we are hoping and anticipating for a more solid improvement for this game mode. Players want to see how their in-game career can actually impact a game, and not just push through a predictable track offered by the platform. Others have also commented about how ratings upgrade would be a great addition since new players seem to have boosted up their popularity this year, including the crowd darling, Stephen Curry.

Although there are increase in ratings for Curry, it is said that he is still not give due credit for his achievements in last year’s NBA 2K16. He was start player and he has also been awarded as MVP multiple times and has garnered the title of having the unanimous MVP title for the whole season.

Basketball Gaming at Its Best

This is one of the sports games that has captured the attention of fans all over the world. Players can indulge in their favorite sport even while they are at home. What makes it more exciting is the fact that it follows the trend of every NBA season so you would not really be able to confirm the upgrades easily. Will one player’s ratings go up? Will the in-game play be better? Will the career mode be tougher? Who will be the featured player this year?

These are only some of the changes that one can anticipate as they wait for the next release of NBA 2K17 and its many more editions that have yet to come. It seems that every year, there are more and more improvements slated for this game, and it makes for a great gaming experience for all the fans who have grown fond of it.


So should you upgrade to the newest version of this hit basketball game, the NBA 2K17? Yes! There is no stopping fans from getting their hands on this game now since it has been widely anticipated in the previous months. Months before its intended release, there are already speculations online about what are the new things that will be featured in this platform. It’s worth the price, especially if you want to see the latest match ups that will be featured and also get to know this year’s cover player.

Basketball at its best is integrated into this gaming platform and there’s no better option for those who want the finest experience. You can build your career up in-game and play for your favorite teams. You can also take advantage of the match-ups that are offered for the players.

With the ever changing statistics in the NBA every year, you always have something to look forward to in terms of game play and other improvements. Players are expected to get more from the game for each update each year. One could say that the anticipation is worth it. so upgrade now and don’t forget to share all your new experiences with friends and others who are also interested.

The NBA 2K17 is one wholesome package that will bring your basketball gaming to a whole new level. Its new release will be available for various platforms (Windows, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360) in September 2016.